who we are?

These three partners,  Andrea, Mamouda and Guido are certainly not enough to carry on with the project. Mamouda; gifted and highly competent  organiser/ director, farmer and mechanical engineer, with a degree in Psychology bagged in Paris have been indispensable in his management of the human resources and recruitment of qualified personnel with valour and sense of duty who acknowledge the importance of their contribution to the betterment of the lives of their families and community at large.

Damiano, Andrea’s son,  spends long periods in the farm especially during the harvest season helping out. Paola, Andrea’s wife, never pull back from farm work whenever she’s happens to be in Africa. She helps with the organization of activities especially those concerning social welfare and utility.

Guido oversees the organization’s activities mainly from Italy, but at least once  a year he visits to supervise and analyse the situation bringing with him special advice, analysis and suggestions.


What we, the Italians, do is meagre, barely enough  compared to the very hard work Mamouda and his close and trusted assistants ( Akime, Aliou, Gafarou)  put in daily. These young men on their own  are  able to direct, manage and coordinate collectively tens even hundreds of workers who weed, harvest and mill corn and soy.