THESE IMAGES DECRIBE  our journey towards the realization of what is now an important agricultural reality in Benin. Some factors have been fundamental  to obtaining these results

DECISIONS:  not over pondering issues could be a formidable force. Letting oneself be carried away by enthusiasm is decisive. Indecisiveness makes life mediocre and keeps us away from getting things done

ALTRUISM  Even when one thinks of being an entrepreneur in a poor region, where whatever move you make you create jobs you relish the desire to do more for the betterment of local communities. The desire to help can be contagious and is priceless. The hands on the “clock of values” gradually shifts from the pursuit of material gain to the wellbeing of fellow humans.

BEING VISIONARIES  Is an essential component which comes alive once you a make this type of choice. It has a lot to do with DECISION  and “silliness” in small doses. The results, usually unexpected and hoped for, create a kind of drunkenness and intoxication that encourages the realization of new projects to make things better and create new job opportunities, the creation of a new economy for the local community which is more than subsistence agriculture. Sometimes the organization doesn’t have enough funds to realize these ideas , so we put in money from our own pockets for their realization. If a dream is born, it must be realized at all costs. Sometimes it’s not the economic return that gives more satisfaction but the knowledge of the fact that you’ve done your part in changing things in a nearly  forgotten place that even finding it on a map could be a vey difficult task.


HAVING  FAITH: Not withstanding numerous human miseries, all three partners are devoted and practicing even though belonging to a different religion. Mamouda is a Muslim of great faith , Andrea and Guido, convinced Catholics. The work plan intended for those forsaken areas, should be seen as that of man as an instrument of god , who tries to bring to full realization(even though we are unworthy) His creation (man). This doesn’t mean that unbelievers cannot equally rejoice in the good deeds and reap well-being and peace. But thankfully we can testify that most of our extraordinary  friends who gave us unmeasured humanitarian assistance are unbelievers!