Sopada, founded  in 2012, thanks to one lucky meeting between Andrea Puglisi , Italian and Mamouda Alidou , Beninese. Quite a particular and rare meeting, but we don’t believe in coincidences.

We strongly believe that behind every circumstance there is always a plan, a destiny.

Both men had always dreamt o fan agricultural firm in Africa to feed her inhabitants. A fair choice contrary to the common multinational company choice/policy consisting of big land grabbing to guarantee constant biofuel  production and supply to Europe and America.

Shortly after, a third dreamer came along Guido Corradi, dental surgeon, who had already been dedicating his time to voluntary and humanitarian healthcare  services in Africa and Tibet.

The aim was that of battling a common problem to African nations Benin included; youth unemployment , improve the standard of living in the Donga region (Benin), offering assistance with our mechanical equipment  to local small  scale farmers who can’t afford them.

Contemporarily they nurtured one great ambition, the scholarization of the whole surrounding area through the construction of  primary schools for over 200 school age children  who had never received any form of education before then. A goal which has already been reached.

While the harvests are richer and better and more efficient  plantations yield better fruits admist  various difficulties, Charity and humanitarian works  always remain a priority.


Our ambitions don’t end here, seeing to the construction  of a health dispensary and facility in rural areas and small villages , which are unfortunately often too far from the few main medical structures and facilities  



The NGO’s founding deed had these objectives

  •   defend the interests  of food crop farmers
  •      improve their living conditions, work conditions and when necessary offer financial support
  •      promote the fight against poverty of the peasant workforce
  •      accompany children and young adults who didn’t have access to education in the catching up process
  •      looking for possible markets for the food produce avoiding every infiltration of speculators
  •      create access to our agricultural equipment for those in need of them