why sopada?

SOPADA  is an acronym for Solidaritè Pour l'Amélioration et le Developpement Agricole. (Solidarity for Agricultural Improvement and Development) born out of the desire to create a mechanised subsistence agriculture to generate produce that improves human feeding while efficiently carrying along and involving local workforce.

Its first and foremost aim is the enhancement of farming techniques of other farming companies in the Donga region and assisting them in soil preparation when they request . Our goals also include social utility actions like the construction of schools, water wells and health dispensaries.

 Our activities began in January 2013 and are, at the moment, wholly self-financed . We built an on-location agricultural shed serving as protection for a bulldozer with ripper, three tractors (Landini, Fiat and Lamborghini), two seeders, tyres, disc plough, a vibrocultivator, a flail mower, automatic grain and legume huller, .

We received the acknowledgement as an NGO by the Benin government 








Two big plots of land were legally handed us under a legal free-loan contract for 25+25 years measuring 50 and 100 hectares respectively. After weeding the first 50 hectares we started growing maize and corn. The first year’s harvest was quite poor, but every following year brought along increasing satisfaction thanks to better yield. In the years to come we have diversified by adding rice, cassava, and various vegetables. Since 2018 the company has changed its cultivation policy and decidedly focuses on plantations of wood trees (gmelina, 20,000 units) for fruit (cashew 7000 units, coconut palms 50 units, papaya 130 units) and oil (palms, 200 units ). The cultivation of Corn, soy and rice continues exclusively for the sustenance of the families of the collaborators and no longer for sale.